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27th September 2018

Football and Multi-Skills Club

19th September 2018

Tag Rugby Club

13th September 2018

Ukulele Club

 13th September 2018

Football and Multi-Skills Club

 12th September 2018

Tag Rugby Club

 25th June 2018

Sports Day

Spring Term 2018 

Gymnastics Club

Spring Term 2018 

Tennis Club - Forward and back-hand practice

19th February 2018

Gymnastics Club - Making use of the apparatus.

9th February 2018

Tennis Club - Learning to balance.

2nd February 2018

Spanish Club

24th January 2018

Lego Club - Well done boys - what an amazing creation!

6th December 2017

School Choir perform to the masses at Lakeside Shopping Centre, singing old and new Christmas songs.

4th December 2017

Ukulele Club Assembly Showcase

1st December 2017

Nature Club - Making fat balls to feed the wildlife.

28th November 2017

Christmas Stay & Play

27th November 2017

Gymnastics Club


10th November 2017

Tennis Club - Warming up at the start of the session.

13th October 2017

Tennis Club

11th October 2017

Nature Club - Making wild bird fat-balls and hanging them over the school grounds.

29th September 2017

Choir Club

27th September 2017

Gardening Club

27th September 2017

Lego Club

22nd September 2017

Nature Club