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Themed Events Gallery

5th November 2019

Lesley Williams - Celebration Workshops

15th October 2019

BMX Workshops

12th September 2019

Rev. Ann Assembly

4th April 2019

Year 1 - Plastics Workshop

Spring 2019

Year 1 - Internet Safety Workshop

6th March 2019

Lesley Williams Workshops

25th January 2019

Athlete Visit and Sponsored Activities Event

9th January 2018

Back in Time - Year 2 - Fossils and Dinosaurs Workshop

9th January 2018

Back in Time - Year 1 - Fossils and Dinosaurs Workshops

December 2018

Christmas Activities - Xmas Play, Panto, Possada, Christingle etc...

26th November 2018

Authors Visit

23rd November 2018

Year 2 - Creative Arts Week: James Wilkinson Artist Visit

23rd November 2018

Year 1 - Creative Arts Week: James Wilkinson Artist Visit

22nd November 2018

Year 1 - Flamenco Dancing: Creative Arts Week

21st November 2018

Year 2 - Creative Arts Day

20th November 2018

Year 1 - African Drumming: Creative Arts Week

19th November 2018

Year 1 - Lesley Williams: Expressive Arts

19th November 2018

Year 2 - Lesley Williams: Expressive Arts

16th November 2018

Year 2 - Children in Need: Sharing Books with EYFS

16th November 2018

Children in Need

14th November 2018

Year 1 - PC Kevin Visits

13th November 2018

Anti-Bullying Assembly

November 2018

World War One Commemorative Week

28th September 2018

Macmillan Cancer Support

19th July 2018

Year 2 Barn Dance

19th July 2018

Year 2 Leavers Assembly

20th June 2018

NSPCC 'Speak Out, Say Safe' Assembly

6th June, 2018

Ukulele Assembly

22nd May 2018

Richard Stonley Assembly

20th April, 2018

Police Dog Training Assembly

20th March, 2018

Fencing Assembly

12th - 16th March, 2018

Science Week

3rd - 9th March, 2018

World Book Week

The children enjoyed sharing their favourite bedtime story books with friends and staff, had a visit from Chicken & Frog and learnt about various authors and the artists.

6th March 2018

Lesley Williams Workshop - Discussing the meaning of Tolerance

February 2018

Celebrating Chinese New Year

18th December 2017

Christmas Dinner - Served by the teaching staff.

14th December 2017

Space to Stables - Christmas play performed by the whole school.

5th December 2017

Whole School Planetarium - Space Day

1st December 2017

Our Christingle Service held at the village church.

Each piece of the Christingle holds special symbolism to help children understand the importance of Jesus and the Gospel, and its relevance at Christmas time.  

  • The orange represents the world
  • The red ribbon (or tape) symbolises the love and blood of Christ
  • The sweets and dried fruit represent all of God’s creations
  • The candle represents Jesus’ light in the world, bringing hope to people living in darkness 

The children also listened to Reverend Ann who explained a modern day version of the 'Posada' a Mexican tradition that will be visiting our school on the 15th December.

20th - 24th November 2017

DT & Maths Week

17th November 2017

Anti-Bullying Workshop

6th - 10th November 2017

World War II Week