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Road to Rio Experiences

1 July 2016 (by Web Admin)

A video of the fortnights activities as the children complete their Road to Rio journey.

Weeks ending: 17th & 24th June 2016 The 'Road to Rio' Sporting Experiences The children completed their ‘Road to Rio' experience in their school houses; which included some very interesting food tasting. Thank you to those families who provided some of the food especially Mrs Borman who brought in various traditional Russian foods, including chocolate! Progressive Sports, combined with our Sainsbury’s vouchers enabled the children to trial a variety of different sports, including hockey, volleyball, fencing and learning some Judo moves! Congratulations to Mia Ali, Mia Walker, Evana Philp, Rosie Renwick, Tegan Furman and Lacie Everett for working as a team and demonstrating the importance of listening in Judo! We hope you enjoy watching it with family & friends.