Church Lane, Brentwood, Essex, CM15 0NJ





If the staff can get into school, we will of course open. However, there are very few teachers who live locally and the school cannot open unless there are qualified teachers here. We will of course DO OUR BEST! I, along with Mrs Avis, the Junior Headteacher, will be making decisions very early each morning so we can give you as much notice as possible.


You will just get the answer machine, however this will have a message recorded to say we will be closed. There will be no-one here to take your call.

Please DO go to the ECC Website set up for this purpose - Click HERE


Please DO LOOK AT OUR WEBSITE    We will update this as soon as we can.   However, again, everyone will be trying to use the internet and it can take some time to log on [for us too].


Six parents (one from each class) have agreed to receive a text message from Mrs Nicholson at school if there is a closure. They will then post it on the Doddinghurst Parent Facebook page.

If all else fails we will put up a notice at the school gates.



If there is no information on any of the above sites, it means we are NOT CLOSED.


ABOVE ALL STAY SAFE. Have fun in the snow with your children. There is a lot of learning to be had!

IF WE ARE OPEN… Our caretaker is wonderful but he will have to try and clear a path to the Juniors, and our school, and he really isn’t superman [even though he’d like to think he is!]   So if we are open, feel free to bring a snow shovel!

Year 1 will come into their own classroom doors and Year 2 will use the Art room entrance. Reception will need to enter via Swift's gate near Mrs Palmer’s door.

Patience will be required as it will take a while for us all to get indoors in single file. THE PLAYGROUND WILL NOT BE USED as the caretaker will not have time to clear these paths to this area. Parents will need to use separate entrances. Please keep to any paths he has cleared.

Children should wear wellies and bring shoes in a named bag! We will use the snow as part of our learning!