Year 1 – Learning

At the start of a new academic year, our children take time getting to know their new class, teacher and change in learning. Our Year 1s participated in PSHE lessons meeting Jigsaw Jack, joined in with role playing the Scarecrows Wedding, and being Betty & Reginald, went to the local church for Remembrance, sorted animals into groups and wrote about their activities… just a small selection to look back on.

Year 1 – Farm to Fork

At the start of the Autumn term our children learnt about how their food and drink is produced. As part of their learning, they tasted different types or milk and cheese, as well as fruit and smoothies. Yum!

Year 1 – Physical Education

Throughout the Autumn term our children have participated in Dance, Dodgeball and Gymnastics where they have learnt various skills; such as, balance, co-ordination, and fine & gross motor control.

Year 1 – Creative Arts

Autumn term Creative Arts activities included: Music and dance, along with the exploration of fruit – tasting, creating faces and utilising colour to reflect what we see during our painting.