Sports Premium

The government is providing ‘Sport Premium funding’ to improve provision of physical education and sport to ensure all children achieve their potential.

Our vision at Doddinghurst Infant School is for the children to develop a love of sport and physical activity. We track the achievement of every child on a regular basis and do all we can to make sure each child achieves their potential. We aim to enthuse and inspire children to fully participate in a broad range of sports activities, developing their skills, knowledge and understanding of the need to have a healthy physical lifestyle. We have a duty to ensure that no group of children are disadvantaged due to their gender, ethnic origin, family income or background.

Our objectives for the Sports Funding are:

  • Hiring specialist PE teachers or qualified sports coaches to work with teachers
  • Improving indoor learning by investing in new gymnastics equipment.
  • Investing in new outdoor facilities that encourage active travelling to and from school.
  • Invest in pupil enrichment days off site for Outdoor Adventures Activity.
  • Improving outdoor learning by investing in new sports equipment for the school.
  • Invest in pupil enrichment days on site for motor skills in KS1 and EYFS.
  • Increased participation in competitive sport

Please see the attached documents for a more in depth breakdown of objectives and expected expenditure.