School Houses

At Doddinghurst Infants, pupils belong to one of six houses. These houses are continued into the Junior School, therefore the pupils remain in their allocated house for their entire Primary Education.

The houses are; Ash; Birch; Elm; Lime; Oak and Willow. Each house has a designated colour which is highly apparent during sports day when the children compete in teams wearing a t-shirt in the colour of their house. Siblings are placed within the same team, to ensure parents are not put into a dilemma and only have one team to cheer for!

The house groups are also used in specific timetabled meetings to complete activities together. These meetings provide opportunities for interaction between pupils from different year groups. By using a house system, pupils learn to be team players by supporting each other, developing a healthy spirit of competition.

The Year 2’s have a chance to develop their leadership and communication skills by being a House Captain. This is a role that the children aspire to.

We operate a house point scheme, where pupils are awarded house points for various achievements. These are then added up and the results announced in Assemblies, much to the delight of the children.

House Captains







Events & Activities

During Autumn term one our captains competed in an Inter-House rugby comptetion. The results can be found below:

1st place – Birch
2nd place – Willow
3rd place – Lime
4th place – Elm
5th place – Ash
6th place – Oak

During the early part of November, the captains have been helping with the Poppy appeal, taking the poppies round to the different classes each day for children to buy in support of The Royal Britsh Legion and Remembrance Day.