At Doddinghurst Infant School we intend to make each child’s experience of school the most positive it can be. We will work as hard as we can to ensure no child is, or feels excluded.

We believe every child is an individual and we want to make sure that we recognise these differences. We teach and present things to ensure understanding. No child at Doddinghurst Infant School is ever excluded from main stream activities.

Vision Statement

Doddinghurst Infant School is a caring, inclusive school. We value all children equally whatever the differences in their abilities or behaviours. We believe that children’s wellbeing is at the centre of our life in school and at the key to raising academic success. We aim to meet individual needs and provide opportunities for children to make good progress. Children should enjoy reaching their goals and have this achievement celebrated. We will work with children, parents and outside agencies to ensure that special needs are understood and appropriately supported. Early identification and assessment of need, allocation of resources, close monitoring and the use of a relevant and differentiated curriculum will support children’s learning. We want all children to enjoy and fully participate in the life of the school, and make a positive contribution to the school community. We place a strong emphasis on trust, honesty, respect and tolerance through a close partnership between children, staff, governors and parents.

Above all, we aim to develop confident, happy and successful children.