Attendance & Punctuality

At Doddinghurst Infant School, we pride ourselves in the knowledge that our children attend school eager and ready to learn. We strive for all our children to feel wanted, supported and safe, while developing and expanding the opportunities available to realise their true potential by receiving a full-time education with limited absence.

The school and staff have an incentivised approach of acknowledgement, through praise and rewards for children who improve and/or maintain their efforts to ensure excellent attendance and punctuality. In accordance with Government guidelines, those parents/carers who present with a low priority to their childens attendance and punctuality, will be challenged accordingly.

Our objectives are to:

  • Give parents/carers details on attendance in our newsletters;
  • Celebrate excellent attendance by displaying and reporting individual and class achievements;
  • Reward good or improving attendance;
  • Report to parents/carers regularly on their child’s attendance;
  • Contact parents/carers should their child’s attendance fall below the school’s target for attendance.

We set very high standards with regard to attendance. Your child should be in school every day unless he or she is ill. If your child is absent for any reason, please use our Studybugs App or register on the Studybugs website ( so that on the first day of absence you can securely inform the school and keep the school informed in regards to when they will be returning.

  • Holidays during term time cannot be authorised.
  • Unexplained absences are always queried.