Summer term two newsletter

yellow van die cast

We’ve finally reached the end of the academic year and we are all looking forward to our holidays.

During the final half term the children have worked extremely hard, whilst dealing with extreme heat! Our Year 2s have given us all a celebratory leavers assembly in front of the whole school as well as to parents and carers. What a wonderful demonstration of skills! We hope you all enjoyed it.

In this newsletter you will find a letter from the head teacher, details on what each year group have been up to, and links to various charities and organisations providing additional support you may wish to tap into over the holiday period. You will also find a selection of summer events that are happening in the local area, London and surrounding county.

Whether you’re going to London, visiting sights in the local area, going abroad, or staying home this Summer, we wish you a happy and enjoyable holiday. Stay safe! We’ll see you back at school on Monday 5th September.

Year 2 – History: Then and Now

A practical lesson creating a class timeline, as well as, ordering King James I Coronation, the Gunpowder plot, Queen Elizabeth II Coronation and Fireworks night.

Year 2 – Role Play

The children listened to the story of The Enormous Turnip, recreating the story in groups to use expression and actions in the correct order.

As part of the story ‘Pattan’s Pumpkin’, being read throughout the Autumn term, the children took it in turns to Hot Seat within their groups. By impersonating a character from the story, they were able to think about how they would be thinking and feeling; finishing with the whole class asking each character questions.

Year 2 – Creative Arts

At the start of the Autumn term, our children concentrate on PSHE, discussing the school rules and looking at emotions. Linked in with their creative arts lessons they created their own monster, following their discussions with the ‘Colour Worry Monster’

Later in the term, they expanded on their use of natural resources, learning about Andy Goldsworthy; a Britsh artist who uses natural materials to create scultpures. They created their own pieces of art, including trees, faces and abstract designs!

Year 2 – Creating a Sukkah in RE

As part of the Jewish celebrations during the Autumn term, our children learnt about Sukkot and the huts that get constructed for the week long festival. Linking in to their creative arts they were able to design and make their own Sukkah using natural resources from outside.