Year 2 – Science Week

During science week our children carouselled round the school, enjoying various activities, such as Bridge building to see how much weight they could hold, creating electrical circuits, looking at different materials and testing the magnetism, and seeing how far they could stretch a CurlyWurly without it breaking!

Year 2 – Health and Fitness

The school has taken part in various workshops and participated in school competitions, on top of their usual PE lessons. Below is a snippet of the activities our Year 2 have enjoyed. Including, gymnastics, Skipping and Kidz Fit workshops.

Year 2 – World Book Week

During World Book week, our children enjoy coming to school dressed as one of their favorite book characters. Over the course of the week, they read books together, discuss the authors and artists, swap classes to have different members of staff read their favourite childrens books, share their stories with their younger peers and enjoy engaging in interactive workshops.

Year 2 – Church Visit for the Harvest

During the Harvest season we celebrate with a visit to the local church, collect food for our local food bank and attend assemblies with Rev Ann. In the following gallery you can see some of our Year 2 children trying on the service gowns, as well as the church service we attend.

Year 1 – Themed Events

During Autumn term our children took part in, and experienced various festive activities. These included our Christingle and Posada, the Nativity, Christmas Panto and a present hunt at the village church. Leslie Williams also came in to provide workshops on friendships and diversity.