Performance Tables 2019


Assessment at the end of EYFS – Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP)

In the final term of the year in which a child reaches 5, the EYFS Profile must be completed for each child. Each child’s level of development must be assessed against the ELGs. Children are defined as having reached a good level of development (GLD) at the end of EYFS if they have achieved at the expected level in:

  • the prime areas of learning (all aspects):
    • communication and language – listening, attention & understanding; speaking
    • personal, social and emotional development – self-regulation; managing self; building relationships
    • physical development – gross motor skills; fine motor skills


  • 2 aspects of the specific areas:
    • Literacy – comprehension; word reading; writing
    • Mathematics – number; numerical patterns


In Key Stage 1 all the children are assessed against the requirements of the Key Stage 1 National Curriculum.  Individual and comparative results are sent to parents/carers.

We set high academic expectations and targets and we are proud of the achievements of the children.  Results for the last academic year for Year 1 Phonics screening and end of Key Stage 1 are given below:

Year 1 Phonic screen check

The phonics screening check is a short, light-touch assessment to confirm whether individual children have learnt phonic decoding to an appropriate standard.

Year 2 children attaining expected or better in:

Reading, Writing and Maths 

 Further information can be found by clicking on this link

Community Recycle Scheme

We’re looking to add some shade to our seating areas and grounds. We’ve been in contact with a great scheme to support schools across the communities.

This new scheme donates a collection of second-hand, overstocked and end-of-line equipment to schools in the UK. A wide range of items has already been given away, including shade sails, post pad protectors and colourful fence pales. The full range of items can be viewed online, where requests can also be submitted. Several companies are involved with this initiative, including A&S Landscape a supplier of retractable roof canopies.

With their support, schools are able to update and provide their staff and pupils with something new. A little makes a big difference!