Year 2 – PSHE and Role Play

Over the course of the year our children take part in various activities to enable them to think about others and how their lives, thoughts and emotions may differ to their own. This may, for example, be a part of PSHE, history, or literacy. Below you can see some of their role play during their PSHE Conscience Alley where they take it in turns to make decisions, or being Leaf – a character they discussed from a book; and during their learning of the events from the Titanic, they re-enact how some of the staff and passengers may have felt.

Year 2 – The Great Fire of London

Combining many curricular activities, alongside History, Year 2 learnt about The Great Fire of London. They designed and built houses as part of Design Technology, wrote a diary entry about the day the fire broke out, discussed the historical characters, such as Samuel Pepys; they even got a chance to take part in their own archeological dig to find artifacts.

Year 2 – Ice Sculptures

As part of Creative Arts week, the children were set the task of creating an ice sculpture to bring into school. Each year group walked round the school to view all the sculptures on show, created by each class. They then wrote about what they’d made, the materials used, and completed a little experiment to see what would happen to their scultures when left in different areas of the school. Would they stay frozen, melt slowly or turn into water very quickly?

Here are some of their pieces!

Year 2 – World Book Week

During World Book week, our children enjoy coming to school dressed as one of their favorite book characters. Over the course of the week, they read books together, discuss the authors and artists, swap classes to have different members of staff read their favourite childrens books, share their stories with their younger peers and enjoy engaging in interactive workshops.

Year 2 – Science: Food Chains

As part of their science lessons, the children expanded on their knowledge from Year 1. Looking at food chains and working in groups to order the cycle of life at different stages.

Year 2 – Church Visit for the Harvest

During the Harvest season we celebrate with a visit to the local church, collect food for our local food bank and attend assemblies with Rev Ann. In the following gallery you can see some of our Year 2 children trying on the service gowns, as well as the church service we attend.